Company Overview

SEDA is a world of scince, technology, innovation, design and above all a world of people sharing the same passion. The passion instilled by the founder Salvatore D’Amato in his sons Antonio and Gianfranco and all the people in Seda since the very first day: the passion for excellence. Seda specialises in paper and plastic packaging, flexible packaging, cartons and special containers and can offer a complete range of solutions for food and non-food markets. At each delivery we can provide the customer with all his packaging requirements. SEDA Int.
    By doing so we generate significant benefits: logistic optimisation (just-in-time service, stock inventory reduction) and administrative rationalisation. Furthermore we can be the sole point of reference for innovation and promotions throughout all packaging families and technologies. This leads to "shorter time to market", lower costs and guaranteed success. 
    The consumer goods industry is confronted with a complex set of challenges: higher dynamism, better quality of life, environmental sustainability, improving convenience, growing competitiveness, increasing value, enhancing differentiation. Packaging plays a fundamental role in providing all the right answers.

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